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Robin is dead and his Merry Men have gathered to drink, sing, and tell the stories of their dear friend and leader Robin of Locksley. As they tell the stories, they come to life - reliving them to the best of their individual memories (sometimes interrupting and contradicting each other), and showing off all the different sides of this one man and the life he lived and the impression he made.

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Meet Alexander: Rasik Ohal

Favorite drinking toast? It’s still just ” Cheers” A drink to go with it? A shot of Grand Marnier Favorite drinking song? I’ve never needed a song to drink. Would ...

Meet Waffles: Jon Jon Johnson

Favorite Drinking Toast: When Sharing a Drink We must quaff with purpose So we say: “Yam Seng” The drink to go with it: My tastes are simple, Rich, subtle in ...

Meet Astrov: Kevin Hasser

Favorite drinking toast? It’s not a toast, but I have a soft spot for the ballad “The Auld Triangle,” which invites drinking. A drink to go with it? Jameson neat ...