LiveArtDC was formed by people who like to rehearse.

That seems counterintuitive, no? Growing up, kids hate to practice and rehearse. They want the end goal, but the seemingly endless practice makes that end goal much more difficult to reach. Then kids grow up, and they want to perform. They audition like crazy, they prepare their monologues or their sides, and they hope to get cast. And then once they’re cast, a typical production will give them 4-6 weeks of rehearsal before the show goes in front of an audience, even if that show isn’t ready for an audience.

At LiveArtDC, we recognize that every production, every cast and every script is different. LiveArtDC does not have traditional “seasons.” Instead, we collaboratively (cast, production and design teams) work together to create stories. Spawned by the motto “All of us are stronger than one of us,” we work on projects until they are ready to be seen by an audience. This means that a project can take anywhere from 1-4 years.

LiveArtDC truly is the most collaborative theatre company in the Metro DC area. For the Family of LiveArtDC, the Journey is more important than the Destination.


Art by Lorraine Imwold & Graphic Design by Kenneth Phan

Art by Lorraine Imwold & Graphic Design by Kenneth Phan