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LiveArtDC Taking I <3 Hummels to Vegas!

LiveArtDC Taking I <3 Hummels to Vegas: 2012 Capital Fringe Festival Hit to Be Performed at North American Hummel Club Convention LiveArtDC is excited to announce that it will reprise its 2012 Fringe hit, I <3 Hummels, for hundreds of Hummel collectors at this year’s M.I. Hummel Club Convention. The group’s debut production will be […]

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If it was gonna work, I would have thought of it.

Early Sunday afternoon, March 10, while you were sleeping, or rehearsing, or going to church, or enjoying a leisurely brunch, or maybe even driving to Pennsylvania, Causality was happening. Causality’s most recent rehearsal focused purely on character development. Who are these characters? Since we’re building them from scratch, they really can be anyone we want. […]

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Homework. I work on it with my daughter, a 2nd grader. Hooray, I’m still able to keep up with her math (they do basic stuff differently now- there’s no carrying, etc, so it’s not an easy task to keep up)! As an actor, homework isn’t usually assigned anymore. An actor’s homework is solitary and self-assigned. […]

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The Hunt for “People vs DeVoe”

 January 19th- Day dawned fair, strong winds from the Northeast.  Food and water supplies good, crew in good spirits.  Have volunteered to track down the transcript of Daisy DeVoe’s trial.  While finding an 82-year-old trial transcript may not prove to be easy, am confident that the Law Library at the Library of Congress will have […]

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‘allo ‘allo ‘allo *waves excitedly*

‘allo, all. this is belen. i’m one of the “Causality” team and am so excited to be a part of this project. seriously. to be able to actually help create something is just… well, it’s just awesome. (btw – i sometimes type in all lower-case letters. i will occasionally stray from this style when typing […]

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Show-er or Grow-er?

Talking about acting and theatre here, folks. I believe that actors fall roughly into two groups. Some actors are adept at showing a fuller character at auditions or first rehearsals. Others are better at growing a well-defined character through the individual research and rehearsal process.  As an actor, I tend to think I fall in […]

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Why Clara Bow

I’ve been told that I look like Clara Bow since I was a little girl, since before I even knew who Clara Bow was or what silent films are.  As I grew older and my interest in classic film developed, I was finally introduced to Clara—her vivacity, her determination, her feistiness, her innocence.  I wanted […]

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Why I want to write Causality

My first video game console was a Nintendo Entertainment System. I couldn’t get enough of it, especially Role Playing Games, or RPGs. RPGs (like Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda) gave you linear stories in “open world” settings. That is to say, while there was a certain narrative you had to follow, it was […]

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Working on Hummels

I first heard about Hummels as I was wrapping up my college career. My mom, not being overbearing, but easily overly invested in my success, had thrown out the net to every single person she had ever met in the entire world to see if they knew anyone in the theatre that might have a […]

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It Started with an E-Mail

  It started with an email.  A “call me when you have a few minutes to chat about something” email.  So I called Heather, thinking it was going to be a 5-10 minute thing.  It wasn’t.  The first phone call, where she laid out the whole idea behind LiveArtDC (way before it had a name) […]

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