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Meet Lord & Lady Capulet: Erica Smith

Meet Lord & Lady Capulet – Patriarch and matriarch of the Capulet family, all rolled into one bad-ass character.  Is it a complicated personality disorder or is she just insane?  It’s up to you to decide. Actress Erica Smith adeptly careens back and forth between the two characters.  Wait til you see Lady C’s heels, […]

Meet Benvolio: Yoni Gray

Who knew Benvolio could beat box? Right? Actor Yoni Gray brings a solid understanding of text and one more pair of Converse All Stars to the table. When not breaking up fights as Benvolio, Yoni can be found rock climbing, web designing, or tabletop gaming. Favorite Shakespearean Character? I’ve been dying to play Benedick in […]

Meet Tybalt: Jen Bevan

Don’t let Tybalt’s smile fool you: This is one gal whose bad side you don’t want to be on. Actress Jen Bevan is a total bad-ass. She’s a Company Member of Molotov Theatre Group and an Artistic Collective Member Pallas Theatre Collective, as well as a superb costume designer. Favorite Shakespearean Character? Mustardseed from A […]

Meet Mercutio: Noelle Viñas

Mercutio is one saucy chica you wouldn’t want to mess with.  Actress Noelle Viñas brings some fine dramatic flair and some stellar word flow to our motley crew.  When not flitting about in a queen mab dream, Noelle can be found at Annandale High School where she is a teacher of theater arts to young’uns… […]

Meet Juliet: Loren Bray

Loren Bray’s Juliet is no delicate princess hidden away in a tower.  She’s a fighter, causing just as much of a stir on the street as any of the other kids.  She’s anxious for love, but isn’t going to take any slack… Favorite Shakespearean Character? My favorite Shakespearean character has to be Rosalind from As […]

Meet Romeo: Josh Adams

Actor Josh Adams is the real deal, dedicated to the text and the emotion of the scene. He will make you laugh and he will break your heart. And as Romeo, he’s a lover, a rap battle winner…and a whole lot more. Favorite Shakespearean Character? Caliban from The Tempest Favorite Shakespeare Play? Cannot say Favorite […]

Being a Young Sex Symbol

“A sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate being a thing. But if I’ve got to be a symbol of something, I’d rather have it be sex than some other thing we’ve got symbols of.” — Marilyn Monroe While working on The Clara Bow Project, I am fascinated by multiple issues — but one […]