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Belen Pifel is totally excited to have this opportunity to work with LiveArtDC and to talk about herself in the third person (she doesn't believe you really thought someone else was writing this for her; she knows you're smarter than that). Belen has been hamming it up almost her entire life and feels so dang lucky when someone wants to let her play along with them. Ms. Pifel's most recent credits include Ivy in "August: Osage County" and Lewis in "Golden Boy", both with The Keegan Theatre. Other stage roles include Nan/Lina in "Three Days of Rain" and Tina in "Pig Farm, both with 1st Stage, various roles in "Volcanic in Origin" for the 2011 Source Festival, Cookie Monster Von Puffenhutte in the 2010 Fringe Festival Production of "The Von Puffenhutte Family Singers! (the musical)" with I Like Nuts Theater Company, and various roles in "Comic Briefs I" and "Comic Briefs II", both with Renegade Theater. Belen's done a wee bit of film work, too: "Green House" & "Uncertainty Principle" (Tohubohu Productions) and "Dinner at Eight" (Two Meter Studios). Belen is also vocalist with local roots-rock/alt-country band, Kid Goat and the more kid-friendly version, Kids' Goat. When not acting and/or singing, Ms. Pifel enjoys watching Eddie Izzard videos on YouTube, thinking of ways to incorporate bacon into baked goods, talking to dogs, and making the most of her nigh-instinctual ability to get lost. Of course, Belen thanks her family, without whom she wouldn't be here. Literally. She loves them as they remind her that crazy is in the genes and she's not alone. Oh, and she loves her friends, too, because they remind her that crazy is in other peoples' genes, too. ;

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‘allo ‘allo ‘allo *waves excitedly*

‘allo, all. this is belen. i’m one of the “Causality” team and am so excited to be a part of this project. seriously. to be able to actually help create something is just… well, it’s just awesome. (btw – i sometimes type in all lower-case letters. i will occasionally stray from this style when typing […]