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Jon Jon Johnson (Some Guy they found) is a fairly recent member to the DC Theatre Scene. He is extremely honoured to have been invited to work with LiveArtDC, and hopes for a chance to prove himself. He has worked with several DC Area Companies, including Forum Theatre, Spooky Action Theatre, WSC Avant-Bard, Firebelly Productions, and 1st Stage. Jon Jon has also appeared in operas with Bel Cantanti, Washington Savoyards and Wolftrap Opera Company. He is a founding member of Avalanche Theatre Company, where he has worked as a producer, director and actor. Recently, he's discovered a passion for playwriting, and has written a few pieces. “Despertar”, a tango-inspired play premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival, and “Grips”, a 10-minute play was featured at the DC Queer Theatre Festival. Jon Jon is an accomplished violinist, a practitioner of Baguazhang, a competent Fantasy Football manager, and a skilled Pokemon Master. Love to LF, LH, KH, CW, RT and CR.

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A Symphony of Collaboration

I have always been addicted to creative energy. One of the greatest joys for me is being in a room full of fellow artists, and it’s this specific aura that I’ve only found in the realm of theatre and performance art.Put a group of artists in a room and give them a task. Together, they […]

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