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Kevin Finkelstein (LiveArtDC Co-Founder, Writer, & Director) is a professional director and actor with over 120 productions under his belt. His work has been seen as far north as Toronto, as far south as Miami, as far west as Oregon, and as far east as...Baltimore. Kevin excels in a collaborative environment, and working with the LiveArtDC Family seems like a natural fit. A proud DC native, Kevin has served as the Artistic Director of Molotov Theatre Group, a member of the Board of Directors of both The Actors' Center and Firebelly Productions, and the Founding Artistic Director of the Traveling Players, a South Florida based group that brought scaled down productions of classical works to area public schools.

Recent blog posts written by Kevin Finkelstein

The Many Faces of a Story Arc

Inspiration can often come from unexpected places. I often marvel at how unconnected events can somehow draw together to inform the creative spirit. Let me explain. I’m currently watching the Farscape series for the first time. For those unfamiliar, Farscape was a sci-fi television show that featured, among other things, a lot of Jim Henson […]

If it was gonna work, I would have thought of it.

Early Sunday afternoon, March 10, while you were sleeping, or rehearsing, or going to church, or enjoying a leisurely brunch, or maybe even driving to Pennsylvania, Causality was happening. Causality’s most recent rehearsal focused purely on character development. Who are these characters? Since we’re building them from scratch, they really can be anyone we want. […]

Why I want to write Causality

My first video game console was a Nintendo Entertainment System. I couldn’t get enough of it, especially Role Playing Games, or RPGs. RPGs (like Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda) gave you linear stories in “open world” settings. That is to say, while there was a certain narrative you had to follow, it was […]

First look at I <3 Hummels

A virgin, a blonde and a German phone sex operator walk into a coffee shop… No, this isn’t a twisted remount of Wild Things (wouldn’t THAT sell tickets!). This is LiveArt’s family-friendly, light-hearted coming-of-age comedy, I <3 Hummels. Are those enough buzzwords? No? Let’s try for something more direct: I <3 Hummels is the most ensemble-driven, collaboratively written […]

Coming to the Capital Fringe Festival: ‘I <3 Hummels’ By Heather Whitpan

World Premiere plays are fascinating. Whether you’re an actor, director or designer, there’s something magical about being surrounded by a playwright’s words, knowing that you’re the first to bring those words to life. For the audience, there’s a shared understanding that “we’re a part of something new.” No one can really say where a world […]