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Seth Alcorn (LiveArtDC Dramaturg) is a one-time actor/current improviser/PhD Student who is extraordinarily glad to be working with LiveArtDC!

Recent blog posts written by Seth Alcorn

The Hunt for “People vs. DeVoe”: The Conclusion

Day after day, day after day We stuck no breath nor motion As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean- S.T. Coleridge from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” March 26th- At long last, help has arrived! Someone must have seen my writing in the sand. What appears to be a small fleet […]

The Hunt for “People vs DeVoe”

 January 19th- Day dawned fair, strong winds from the Northeast.  Food and water supplies good, crew in good spirits.  Have volunteered to track down the transcript of Daisy DeVoe’s trial.  While finding an 82-year-old trial transcript may not prove to be easy, am confident that the Law Library at the Library of Congress will have […]