LiveArtDC Friends

Too often, the behind-the-scenes folks in theatre have remained behind-the-scenes, uncredited and unthanked. Well, we consider their contributions invaluable to the success of our company.

So, here are some BIG thanks to our friends who have made LiveArtDC look good online, in print, and across various body parts.


Michael Rader (web designer)

I’m a policy & digital communications professional in Washington, DC. I work at a non-profit and government-focused web design firm, and enjoy helping friends with their web projects in my spare time. I’m also a gamer, which you can learn more about on my personal site,





 Lorraine Imwold (artist)

Lorraine Imwold cropped

Lorraine works primarily in hand carved, hand pressed printmaking. “My art is really knowing what to take away” Finding the balance between light and dark in art, ourselves and life.






Zach Miller (photographer)

Zach Miller

I am a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Washington where I studied Commercial Photography. Traveling and observing different cultures allows me to tell a story through art in a way that connects people to places they have never experienced themselves. I believe that I easily translate my enthusiasm for artistic expression in my work.




Kenneth Phan (graphic artist)

Kenneth Phan cropped







Susanna Murley (marketer)

Mona Khadr (graphic designer)