Noah: Apocalypse

Noah Announcement

A fully devised play following a group of survivors in the near-future apocalypse, based on the story of Noah’s Ark.




Clare Shaffer 


Amanda Quain 

(F, any age)- spent years listening to people telling her she was crazy and paranoid for taking precautions against the upcoming apocalypse. Now that it’s here, she’ll do anything to keep her family safe. Doesn’t like having her authority questioned.  

(F, any age)- Noah’s wife, a doctor. The Eliza to Noah’s Alexander, Dalia is a more logical thinker than the often hot-headed Noah, with a soft spot for the wounded.  

(M/F, any age)- Noah’s right hand man. Not afraid of getting their hands dirty for the cause, no matter what that may entail.  Young, scrappy, hungry, and eager to please Noah.

(M/F, any age)- the muscle of the Ark. Doesn’t talk much. Got more up close with the apocalypse than most people and suffers mentally as a result. Whatever lurks in their past, it isn’t pretty.

(M, any age)- Musical Eeyore. Recently injured and unable to assist the party, his new apocalyptic mission is to make records of every song he deems worthy of memory. Alternates between childish hope and cutting sarcasm. (This role has already been cast.)

(M/F, any age)- a stranger. Vacillates between charmingly dangerous and dangerously charming, they promise that there will be safety if the residents of the Ark just follow them out of town. The first to doubt Noah’s authority in a very long time.  


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