LiveArt in a Day Recap

Over 100 people came through the doors on Saturday, April 5 to experience the first annual Live Art in a Day by watching the amazing 10 minute plays, grooving to the bands,  and bidding on some spectacular silent auction items.  So much fun.  We can’t wait for next year!

Thank you to all the amazing people who helped make it all come together:

Alexander Fernandez, Amber Jackson, Angela Pirko, Ann Fraistat, Anna Lathrop,  Audrey Cefaly, Belén Pifel, Ben Calman, Brandon Mitchell, Brett Abelman, Carl Long, Christian Sullivan, Christopher Herring, Clem Trott, Genevieve James, Harry A. Winter, Heather Whitpan, James Radack, Jason Schlafstein, Jennie Berman Eng, Jill Tighe, Jon Jon Johnson, Julie Garner, Kari Ginsburg, Katrina Clark, Kevin Finkelstein, Loren Bray, Lorraine Imwold, Matt Strote, Melissa Marie Hmelnicky, Momo Nakamura, Nick DePinto, Paco Madden, Pamela H Leahigh, Rebecca Ellis, Sara Bickler, Seth Alcorn,  Ty Hallmark, Yoni Gray, The Iris Bell, South Rail, Clarence Buffalo, Anacostia Arts Center, and We Love DC.