Meet Alexander: Rasik Ohal

photo by Susanna Murley

photo by Susanna Murley

Favorite drinking toast?
It’s still just ” Cheers”

A drink to go with it?
A shot of Grand Marnier

Favorite drinking song?
I’ve never needed a song to drink.

Would you sing it at a karaoke night with your boss?
Depending on how drunk they are, I’ll sing anything.

What was the last board game you played with your family?
Trivial Pursuit

How did that go?
It went great! We always play boys against the girls. The boys generally win, and then the girls accuse us of cheating.

Share one thing you didn’t understand about the world when you were a kid.
Just one?! When I was a kid, I think in 3rd grade, a girl came up to me and asked me what I was. I said Indian. She said what tribe? I didn’t understand that.

Most embarrassing fight you got in with your family?
When I was 16 I cursed out my Dad for spending my football gambling winnings. He kicked me out of the house.

Puppies or kittens?
Kittens Why? Puppies are way to uncoordinated. If a kitten falls they still land on their feet.


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