Meet Astrov: Kevin Hasser

photo by Susanna Murley

photo by Susanna Murley

Favorite drinking toast?
It’s not a toast, but I have a soft spot for the ballad “The Auld Triangle,” which invites drinking.

A drink to go with it?
Jameson neat

Favorite drinking song?
Theme from “Cheers.” That’s a great show even now.

Would you sing it at a karaoke night with your boss?
I can count on one hand the times I’ve taken the Karaoke stage…

What was the last board game you played with your family?
With my family? I think it was Risk on Thanksgiving of 2008.

How did that go?
Well, we haven’t played in almost seven years, so I guess it didn’t go so well….

Share one thing you didn’t understand about the world when you were a kid.
Vegetables, and why people would eat them.

Most embarrassing fight you got in with your family?
When I was a teenager, I remember getting in a yelling match with my brother about the nature of anarchy. In hindsight, we were both utterly stupid.

Puppies or kittens? Why?
Puppies, because when they grow up, they don’t become cats.


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