Meet Benvolio: Yoni Gray

Yoni GrayWho knew Benvolio could beat box? Right? Actor Yoni Gray brings a solid understanding of text and one more pair of Converse All Stars to the table. When not breaking up fights as Benvolio, Yoni can be found rock climbing, web designing, or tabletop gaming.

Favorite Shakespearean Character?
I’ve been dying to play Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing.

Favorite Shakespeare Play?
It’s a tough call between Much Ado and As You Like It.

Favorite Shakespeare Insult?
There are so many fantastic ones! How about “whoreson cullionly barber-monger” from King Lear?

Favorite Drinking Game?

Favorite drink?
Does the bar have ginger beer? Get me a Dark n’ Stormy. Otherwise, a good dark beer will do the trick.

Drink your character would most enjoy?
Eh, Benvolio probably just drinks cheap American beer.


R+J: Star -Cross’d Death Match

Thursdays: July 10, 17, 24
Saturdays: July 12, 19, 26
Mondays: July 14, 21
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