Meet Friar Laurence: Christopher Holbert

HolbertActor Christopher Holbert is pretty awesome.  Not only did he learn his lines in half the time of any of the others but he seemed to have no trouble connecting to our drunken Friar. Friar Laurence spends more time at the bar than in the chapel, but he’s full of all sorts of well intentioned “good ideas”.



Favorite Shakespearean Character?
Iago from Othello  He’s so deliciously cunning, evil, and smart.  He’s also a lot of fun.  I want to play this character so badly, but probably never will unless someone decides to do a reverse-race version of Othello, because…you know.

Favorite Shakespeare Play?
Henry V – the monologues is this are so great and inspiring.  Like old-world, pre-game speeches in the movies Rudy or Miracle.

Favorite Shakespeare Insult?
“Thou art unfit for any place but hell.” -Richard III

Favorite Drinking Game?
@$$hole – It’s easy and fun.  And you get to make people do stupid things for absolutely no reason.

Favorite drink?
 A Cold Beer or Jim Beam and soda.  (or a shot of Tequila)

Drink your character would most enjoy?
Does it have alcohol?  If yes, then that one!


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