Meet Juliet: Loren Bray

LOREN HEADSHOTS_003_COLORLoren Bray’s Juliet is no delicate princess hidden away in a tower.  She’s a fighter, causing just as much of a stir on the street as any of the other kids.  She’s anxious for love, but isn’t going to take any slack…

Favorite Shakespearean Character?
My favorite Shakespearean character has to be Rosalind from As You Like It. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s sassy, and she’s willing to play a little dirty to get things done.

Favorite Shakespeare Play?
My favorite Shakespeare play is again As You Like It. Rosalind and Touchstone  alone are worth the price of admission.

Favorite Shakespeare Insult?
I have two favorite insults. My favorite  Shakespearean insulting word is scut. It has a harshness to it that really stays with you. My favorite Shakespearean insulting phrase is “Fie upon him”. I crack up laughing every time I say it. Such instant joy…

Favorite Drinking Game?
My favorite drinking game just involves watching a tv show and drinking at certain events/words in the show. Coincidentally that’s also how I work out.

Favorite drink?
Mudslide….or a Flaming Horchata.

Drink your character would most enjoy?
I think Juliet would like the Flaming Horchata. It’s sweet with a warm spicy note to it….sort of like Romeo.

R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match

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