Meet Mercutio: Noelle Viñas

Noelle ViñasMercutio is one saucy chica you wouldn’t want to mess with.  Actress Noelle Viñas brings some fine dramatic flair and some stellar word flow to our motley crew.  When not flitting about in a queen mab dream, Noelle can be found at Annandale High School where she is a teacher of theater arts to young’uns…

Favorite Shakespearean Character?
Touchstone//As You Like It. Man keeps it real.

Favorite Shakespeare Play?
Lately I’ve really been digging Love’s Labours Lost. But most consistently, I like the Henry VI plays and Macbeth.

Favorite Shakespeare Insult?
Messenger: I see, lady, the gentleman is not in your books.
Beatrice: No, and if he were, I would burn my study.
-Much Ado About Nothing

Favorite Drinking Game?
As an asshole who likes to think she has excellent aim and also talk shit while she’s playing, I adore beer pong. The more wasted I am, the more I am to insist a group play “Never Have I Ever.” The version I learned in high school requires every person to take a shot for each finger they put down. It’s a lethally fun way to reach oblivion.

Favorite drink?
Gimme mezcal/jalapeño tequila/anything that burns similarly on the way down any day. Specifically, I had a deep love for “everything but the worm” at Canary Square in Jamaica Plain and for the Jalapeño Margarita at Austin Grill in Springfield, VA.

Drink your character would most enjoy?
Jägerbombs. Obviously. Probably would also seek any sort of way to turn things into body shots.


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