Meet Prince: John Stange

John Stange

Keeping the peace is a tough job when these two families collide at DC Reynolds Bar, and actor John Stange does his best to keep that peace between characters and audience alike as our Prince and Emcee.  Do what he tells you or he just might make you drink or wear a tiara or both.  Outside the bar (if John can ever be found outside a bar) you might find him clowning it up with the Borealis Troupe or performing in a number of other stage antics.



Favorite Shakespearean Character?
The Porter from MacBeth

Favorite Shakespeare Play?
South Pacific. Or, wait, was that Marlowe?

Favorite Shakespeare Insult?
“Where is Polonius?” “In heaven; send hither to see: if your messenger find him not there, seek him i’ the other place yourself.” – Hamlet
Favorite Drinking Game?
Settlers of Cataan

Favorite drink?
Whiskey and pain

Drink your character would most enjoy?|
Jersey Turnpike


R+J: Star -Cross’d Death Match

Thursdays: July 10, 17, 24
Saturdays: July 12, 19, 26
Mondays: July 14, 21
Wednesdays: July 16, 23


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