cau·sal·i·ty / kô’zalətē /              

Noun:  The relationship between cause and effect

Causality is a script that examines the nature of choice, and the ramifications of that choice. Imagine that you’re preparing for a job interview, and before you leave the house, you pick up and pocket a  blue pen. On your way to the interview, you see that the pen is leaking through your shirt. When you arrive at the interview, you are mortified over the ink and embarrassed by your appearance: you blow the interview. You can’t help but wonder, “What if I had picked up the black pen?”

Well, maybe you pick up the black pen instead of the blue pen. And that black pen doesn’t leak: you show up to the interview ink-free. But as you focus on the questions you are being asked, and the people who ask them, you realize that this isn’t the place for you. You ultimately decline a second interview.

Two pens, two choices, the same outcome. Causality.

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Belen Pifel has been hamming it up almost her entire life and feels so dang lucky when someone wants to let her play along with them. 

JonJon JohnsonActor

Jon Jon Johnson (Some Guy they found) is a fairly recent member to the DC Theatre Scene…

George PageProduction Manager

George Page is new to the DC theatre scene having moved here from North Carolina in June of 2012…


“The law of causality, I believe, like much that passes muster among philosophers, is a relic of a bygone age, surviving, like the monarchy, only because it is erroneously supposed to do no harm.”

– Bertrand Russell, 1913


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