I <3 Hummels


I <3 Hummels – LiveArtDC’s inaugural and critically-acclaimed production – started as a single idea: a socially awkward man who likes Hummel figurines. 

 From there, the LiveArtDC process went into motion. After pulling together an all-star group, we began to play. We wrote character stories. We improvised scenes. We discussed and debated drafts. What emerged was the collective vision of the ensemble:

 The play takes audiences through a snapshot in the life of socially awkward Raymond, the good hearted Hummel collector who’s never known love.  When he is set up on a blind date by the president of his local Hummels Collector Club with her Hummel-hating daughter, Raymond must seek help from an unlikely friend to find his way. Hummels got Raymond through everything in life except love. Will he give them up to find it?

 After three years, one workshop, one reading and a delicious bratwurst dinner, I <3 Hummels launched at the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival to rave reviews and capacity audiences.

The Latest Hummel News

I <3 Hummels enjoyed 3 very successful runs.

July, 2012 at the Capital Fringe Festival

August, 2013 at Studio 1469 in Washington, DC

September, 2013 at the M.I. Hummel Club Convention,  Ballys Las Vegas



Heather Whitpan has been working in the DC theater scene for about 10 years… 


Kevin Finkelstein is a professional director and actor with over 120 productions under his belt… 


James Radack is an actor based in Washington, DC.  He was thrilled to be part of LiveArtDC’s inaugural production… 


Wendy Wilmer  has enjoyed a long and varied career in the Washington DC area for over 3 decades… 


Rebecca A. Herron  is originally from Houston, TX and holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Miami… 

Stage Manager

Ben Calman  is a graduate Hampshire College. While there he Performed, wrote and directed several pieces of theater… 

“This charming production makes for a great date night, a welcome escape from summer blockbuster boredom. And who knows? Those tiny cherubs might inspire you to pick up a new hobby. (5 Stars) ”

–  DC Theatre Scene


“Who knew Hummels could be this funny?”

–  Washington City Paper’s Fringe & Purge


“The show is cute, well made and a little unnerving, just like the statues of lederhosen-wearing children that inspired it. ”

–  Washington Post



I <3 Hummels opened to the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival to rave reviews.


No performances at this time.  To commission please contact LiveArtDC.