The Hunt for “People vs DeVoe”

PeopleVsDeVoe January 19th-

Day dawned fair, strong winds from the Northeast.  Food and water supplies good, crew in good spirits.  Have volunteered to track down the transcript of Daisy DeVoe’s trial.  While finding an 82-year-old trial transcript may not prove to be easy, am confident that the Law Library at the Library of Congress will have it. Should be relatively simple.

Some Time Later-

Clouds at morning, but they were dispersed by continuing strong winds.  Food supplies shrinking slightly faster than expected, must have crew check for rats below decks.  Called the desk of the Law Library, talked to an extraordinarily helpful librarian. Sadly, Law Library does not have transcripts of decades-old trials involving the hangers-on of silent film stars.   Librarian suggested that I contact the Los Angeles Law Library, gave me the number.

End of January-

Storm clouds threatening since late last night.  Winds near gale force levels.  Food supplies low.  Water barrels contaminated.  Crew not happy. Distinct lack of transcript at L.A. Law Library.  Librarian  pointed me to the L.A. Superior Court, but gave me wrong number. Person with whom I spoke was completely at sea.  Was transferred to somewhere else.  Second operator of no help at all, was transferred again to a full voicemail.

February 2-

Ship caught in hurricane.  Down to crumbs, and standing outside with open mouths to get a drink. Crew ready to mutiny.  At wit’s end, tried website.  Website insists on  asking me to choose courthouse. Do not know which courthouse to choose.  DeVoe was tried in the only one they had in L.A. In 1931, but all I know is that it was a red brick courthouse. That information is not particularly helpful.  Internet is surprisingly reluctant to cough up its address.   Tried to wring some useful information out of that site; none was forthcoming.

February I think-

Shipwrecked.  Survived by clinging to a spar.  Washed up on shore of deserted island.  Found fresh water, have been eating coconuts for several days.  Luckily laptop also survived and internet connection surprisingly strong.

Some time later-

Was very nearly rescued today.  Alia arrived on island.  Told me that she’d also attempted to find transcript, had dead ended at L.A. Superior Courthouse.  HOWEVER, Alia’d been given the correct numbers.  HOWEVER, HOWEVER, number is only active from 8:30-10:30 and 1:30-3:30 Pacific Standard Time.  Woke up a short time later having concussed self in frustration.  Decided to wait to call in future before concussing self in frustration.  Called.  Discovered I was right to concuss myself.  Have called a few times and have reached the recording every time.

Later still-       

Feel like Franklin trying to find Northwest Passage.  Have attempted to eat project notes to sustain self and put self out of misery.  Am beginning to think that no one actually answers the phones.  Have written 213-974-6141 and 213-974-6142 in numbers ten feet high in the sand in hopes that passersby will call too.   Will not leave island until I speak to a human.  Have started writing my will.  Pray for Mojo.