LAiaD 2016: Meet the Directors


Favorite DC monument/memorial?

Nick DePinto:
The interactive FDR Memorial – I am an Eleanor fan, actually. And I adore that the whole monument experience is to be heard & felt for differently abled Citizens to enjoy.

Alexander Fernandez:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Kari Ginsburg:
I’m a huge fan of the Jefferson Memorial.  It’s open 24 hours a day so you wander whenever you feel a little hopeless about the state of things for a reminder of when we stood united (well, mostly) and insisted things be made better for our countrymen.

Anna Lathrop:
Korean War Memorial. There’s something really haunting about those steel sculptures juxtaposed against the beauty of the DC gardens.

Favorite DC pastime

Nick DePinto:
Going to see theatre! We have a phenomenal indie & professional theatre scene here.
And I am in several local bands so I really enjoy catching some the excellent lineups that roll through Tree House or Velvet Lounge.DC is a cool gastroburg, as well. I have a friend visiting right now from a less populated area of the Midwest and we take him out to get cuisine that he simply cannot get where he lives. And of course I benefit by eating a path through my city via his fresh-eyed appetite!

Alexander Fernandez:
Exploring the U.S. Botanic Garden on Capitol Hill, then heading to lunch at Banana Cafe for some Cuban food.

Kari Ginsburg:
Eating.  And walking tours.  Especially tours that include history.  And ghosts.

Anna Lathrop:
Does drinking at Tunnicliffs until 2am with the best people in the world count as a DC pastime? If not, then I would have to say visiting the art museums when I’m feeling creatively drained, or creatively hungry, would be my favorite.



$15 in advance/$20 at the door

Tickets grant one access to one of the performance times and all three of the bands!

March 12th at the beautiful Anacostia Arts Center.

6pm – Opening Musical Act: Fall Seattle
7pm — 1st Show of all the Ten-Minute Plays
8pm – Half Time Musical Act: Kevin Alan Brown
9pm — 2nd Show of all the Ten-Minute Plays
10pm – Closing Musical Act: Petty Indulgences