LAiaD 2016: Meet the Playwrights



Favorite DC monument/memorial?

Seth Alcorn:

Library of Congress

Richard Byrne: market inn
My favorite memorial is the DC War Memorial in West Potomac Park. It was built to commemorate those from the District who died in World War I and stands in a lovely secluded spot. For years it suffered neglect but it was recently restored to its true beauty. On a Mall that’s increasingly crowded, this is a place of contemplation and quiet.There also should be some sort of memorial to the late and lamented Market Inn, which stood at 200 and E Streets SW. Congressmen ate there. Layabouts listened to piano bar music and drank in a bar with walls covered in photos and paintings of burlesque beauties. It closed in 2008. That Washington is gone forever, alas.

Reina Hardy:
Lincoln Memorial.  I’m a cliche!  But I love that it is a space you can enter.

Pamela Leahigh:
It varies but I love the Jefferson (or Jeff as I call him). I see it every night on my way home. It’s so beautiful when it’s lit up and reflected in the Tidal Basin. I also love the sculpture gardens. I had an image in my head once that they come alive at night and play soccer on the Mall together.

Favorite DC pastime

Seth Alcorn:


Richard Byrne:
Walking from my house in SW to The Yards — or over to Hains Point.
Going to watch my hometown Phillies play the Nationals.
Running into DC theatre friends as we flit from show to show, Maybe we’ll see you at ours!

Reina Hardy:
I am only ever in DC for theater stuff.  So desperate rewriting, I guess.  Desperate rewriting.
Pamela Leahigh:
Walking to the various museums and photobombing tourists 






$15 in advance/$20 at the door

Tickets grant one access to one of the performance times and all three of the bands!

March 12th at the beautiful Anacostia Arts Center.

6pm – Opening Musical Act: Fall Seattle
7pm — 1st Show of all the Ten-Minute Plays
8pm – Half Time Musical Act: Kevin Alan Brown
9pm — 2nd Show of all the Ten-Minute Plays
10pm – Closing Musical Act: Petty Indulgences

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