It’s a wrap: LiveArt in a Day 2016

Hi friends!

LiveArt in a Day was a huge success and we partied hard, so while I realize it’s been a wrap for a week, I’m just now recovering from all the merriment.

But it’s never too late to say “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING,” so I’d like to formally thank all the people who were involved in making LiveArt in a Day 2016 a success.

Seth Alcorn*^, Anacostia Arts Center*, Aunye Boone, Jon Boughtin*, Kevin Alan Brown, Richard Byrne, Christine Callsen, Kevin Collins, Corte Salon, Nick DePinto*^, Jonathan Douglass, Rebecca Ellis*^, Fall Seattle, Alexander Fernandez*, Kevin Finkelstein*^, Kimberly Flebotte, Flying V Theatre*, Stefanie Garcia, Julie Garner*^, Kari Ginsburg, Ty Hallmark^, Dexter Hamlett, Liz Hansen, Reina Hardy, Erik Harrison, Rebecca Herron^, Hollertown, Lorraine Imwold*, Genevieve James, Jon Jon Johnson*^,  Andrew Keller, Labyrinth Games, Anna Lathrop, Ashley Lyles, Pamela Leahigh, Rachael Mayo, Kyle McGruther, Dallas Milholland, Petty Indulgences, Petworth Citizen, Reginald Richard, Jen Ring, Maggie Robertson^, Ian Blackwell Rogers, Royal Pedigree, Laura Schlachtmeyer, Monica Schnieder, John Stange,  Jill Tighe*, John Vreeland, Washington Walks, Mackenzie Williams, Willow Fashion, Clancy Yovanovich, Kristina Zilli

And of course every single person who bid on a silent auction item, donated money, bought a ticket, rocked out to our bands, or just generally showed your support for LiveArtDC! If you weren’t able to make it but still want to show your support, it’s never too late! Make your investment in the arts here.

We had an incredible night and are well on our way to funding our first ever SEASON — starting this May with The Merry Death of Robin Hood and then in September with Love’s LaBeer’s Lost.  Of course, we also have our plays in development — The Clara Bow Project and Causality — both gearing up to production soon.

I know you’re sad it’s over (I am too), but don’t worry: We’ll be back! LiveArt in a Day 2017 has already been booked!  It’s one of our favorite times of year and we hope it is becoming one of yours too!


Announcing the Winners of the Audience Choice Awards:

Best Use of DC Element (Playwright): Pamela Leahigh for “Winne vs. Nelson vs. Pluto”

Best Play (Director): Kari Ginsburg for “The Coolidge”

Best Performance by an Actor (Actor): Jill Tighe as Violet in “The Coolidge”~


*  These fine folks have participated in ALL THREE LiveArt in a Days! Wow!
LiveArtDC family members
~ This is Jill Tighe’s 2nd Audience Choice Award win after winning Best Performance for her role in “Seeds” for LiveArt in a Day 2015!


LAiaD wrap

Up Next:

Robin is dead and his Merry Men have gathered to drink, sing, and tell the stories of their dear friend and leader Robin of Locksley. As they tell the stories, they come to life – reliving them to the best of their individual memories (sometimes interrupting and contradicting each other), and showing off all the different sides of this one man and the life he lived and the impression he made.

Featuring: Josh Adams, Steve N Bradford, Emma Lou Herbert, Jon Jon Johnson, Kaitlin Kemp, Matthew Aldwin McGee, Seth Rosenke, John Stange, Christian Sullivan

Creative Team: Seth Alcorn, Kat Fleishman, Ty Hallmark, Katherine Offutt, Paul Reisman, Jonathan Ezra Rubin, Jason Schalfstein